Meet THE FULL LOVE EXPERIMENT, the electro-power-pop/rock sensation from Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Since 2019, they have been rocking the scene with their explosive mix of psycho-guitars, arpeggios, beats and hooks. They are not afraid to venture into the realms of krautrock, creating a unique sound that blends Bollock Brothers, Fehlfarben, Soft Cell, Iggy Pop and Thom Yorke

Their lyrics are a reflection of their passion and vision, poetic and critical, always living in the moment and with a lust for life. They speak their mind without being preachy. They sing in two languages, whatever the music demands. They experiment with anything that moves and inspires them. They embrace the psychedelic as part of their musical journey. THE FULL LOVE EXPERIMENT is more than a band, it’s a lifestyle.

Hier unser offizielles Video "Steh' Hier" 
Der Titelsong unseres neuen Albums,

Hier unser offizielles Video "Diese Nacht"